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“Debra is a very proactive advocate for her clients. She is a consummate professional who takes her fiduciary responsibility to look out for you and your interests seriously. She is adept at not only advising with regard to market dynamics and reasonable pricing, but also with the often overlooked follow through and due-diligence that accompanies closing the deal while simultaneously ensuring your rights are protected. She is an honest hardworking expert in her field who will restore your faith in a profession where far too many of it’s practitioners are simply trying to maximize their commission even when it is at your expense and diametrically opposed to your interests. Debra’s actions (and results) speak louder than others words alone. A validated testament to the positive experience her clients have had with her over the years is manifested by the fact that so many of them choose to work with her over and over again. I’m happy to be one of those clients and couldn’t recommend her more!”

– nickwilliams114 (03/26/2017)

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